About Me

I've been passionate about adventure and the ocean since I can remember. I used to imagine myself as a kid-Jacques Cousteau, going on expeditions and making people as excited for the ocean as I was. This obsession with the underwater world led me to a degree in Biology, a MSc degree in Marine Ecology, and a PhD in Microbial Oceanography, during which I studied potential marine plastic-degrading bacteria. 
Throughout those years, I participated in countless field work expeditions, including a research cruise that travelled from New Zealand to Alaska. I look back at these moments, not only as amazing adventures, but also as learning experiences on resilience, team work and determination.

However, throughout my academic journey, I also realized that all these experiences and interesting knowledge that surrounded me were being kept in the academic bubble. I gradually became interested in sharing all the incredible things I was learning with people outside that bubble. And so started my science communication journey. I created a YouTube channel and started being more active on social media, sharing what I was doing "behind the scenes of science" and sharing things I thought interesting. I joined online courses and watched hours and hours of videos on story-telling, videography, editing, social media and science communication. I started applying my new-learned skills to my online content, and in-person presentations. As my online following grew, so did my interest in science communication. So after finishing my PhD in 2020, I decided to dedicate myself to science communication. Currently, besides working as a freelance science communicator and videographer, I continue working on my personal science outreach channels, through social media and YouTube. I am also working part-time as the communications officer for the international project RESTORESEAS on marine forest restoration (www.restoreseas.net).